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Elizabeth Reed Art

Elizabeth Reed Art is an e-commerce site that enables the artist to sell her art and connect with customers looking for original art and the story behind each piece.

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EReed Art Site Tour
Mountain Picture Inspiration
Buffalo Inspiration Picture
Ava and Elizabeth Taking Pictures
E Reed Art Instagram Page
Ereed Art Logo
Marsh in Georgia
Website Layout



Website Objectives:  

  • E Reed Art is a content-driven website, not just an e-commerce website.

  • All pictures are originals of Elizabeth Reed

  • Clean and simple design to keep the focus on the artwork and artist

  • An email subscriber pop-up appears after a user is on the site for more than 20 seconds. This is an opportunity for the user to become part of the E Reed Art community and get to know the artist and her work. Being a part of the email subscribe option also gives the customer firsthand knowledge of when the art will be released on the website and/or if the art will appear at any popup events in Montana or Georgia.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Establish your business objective

Define your target audience and make a persona

Strategize to connect, cultivate, and convert


Collect Auidence Insight

Engaging with both past and prospective clients through direct inquiries to gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and actions when making art purchases. This valuable insight aids my client in tailoring her artwork and helps me design an engaging website that drives conversions.

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