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Day 1/60 of traveling abroad.


The adventure started with my parents and sister in Prague. We saw the highlight attractions, had a wonderful waiter who shared his insight on traveling (he's been to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks!), and got to play the fun game of "we have no idea what time or day it is".

Observing -

Prague has some deep history in its structures, streets, and ruling.

Witnessing -

Many tourists and we didn't even travel in "high season".

Learning -

Prague is a very catholic area with the cathedrals and 30 statues on St. Charles Bridge.

Highlights -

The Food - Meat, Sauerkraut, and Potatoes

6/10 rating.

Overall -

Prague has its history and it is very cool to think about that the structures are still standing and are seen by millions each year.

Next stop - Budapest

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